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Boost.Build's gcc toolset supports the GNU GCC compiler on a variety of Unices, including (but not limited to) SunOS, BeOS, MacOS X, and of course Linux. For Windows users, it also supports Cygwin GCC, though MinGW has its own distinct toolset.

Configuration Variables

The gcc toolset responds to the following variables, which can be set in the environment or configured on the jam command-line using -sVARIABLE_NAME=value:
Variable Name Semantics Default Notes
GCC_ROOT_DIRECTORY The directory in which GCC was installed. "" (the empty string) Usually, there is no need to set this variable at all. However, if g++ is not in the path it is usually sufficient to configure this one variable. More fine-grained configuration is available by setting the variables below.
GCC_BIN_DIRECTORY The directory prefix used to find the gcc executables $(GCC_ROOT_DIRECTORY)/bin/, or "" if GCC_ROOT_DIRECTORY is not set.
GCC_INCLUDE_DIRECTORY The directory in which to find system includes. empty. Normally, GCC installations can locate their own system includes without assistance.
GCC_STDLIB_DIRECTORY the directory in which to find the standard library objects associated with this build of gcc. $(GCC_ROOT_DIRECTORY)/lib.
GXX The name by which g++ is invoked. g++ May be used in lieu of setting the <cxxflags> property to force options such as "-V3.0.4" into the g++ command line: "-sGXX=g++ -V3.0.4".
GCC Similar to GXX, the name by which gcc is invoked for "C" language targets. gcc

Revised 06 May, 2002

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