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Boost.Build's darwin toolset supports the Apple modified GNU GCC command-line tools. Although the underlying tools are GCC this toolset is specifically tailored to account for the various "features" that Apple implemented to work in the Darwin OS Mach kernel.

Configuration Variables

Because of the already specific nature of this toolset there are no additional configuration variables.

Toolset-Specific Features

The following darwin-specific features can be used in target build requirements or in the BUILD variable:
Feature Values Default Semantics
framework (free feature) N/A Adds application "Frameworks" to use for linking.
bundle-loader (free feature) N/A Specifies the path to the application that will be loading this "bundle". When this is specified, and building a DLL target, a "bundle" version of the target is built instead of the regular shared library version.

Revised 16 November, 2002

Copyright © Dave Abrahams 2002.

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