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Boost Mailing Lists and other resources

Boost developers list
   Archive for the Boost developers list
Boost Users list
Boost Announce list

The mailing lists are the heart of the Boost community.  You may read the lists via full-content email, email digests, or via newsgroup reader.

Hosting for the mailing lists is donated by the Open Systems Lab at Indiana University.

Access to Boost mailing lists via newsgroup (NNTP) is contributed by GMANE.

Boost developers mailing list (also available via newsgroup)

This is the main Boost mailing list.  It is high volume (over 1000 messages per month), very technical, and oriented toward Boost library developers. It is also read by many other members interested in watching the Boost library development process.  Virtually all Boost decisions, major or minor, technical or otherwise, are reached via public discussion on this mailing list.  It is where the formal reviews of proposed libraries take place. Subscribe or unsubscribe at http://lists.boost.org/mailman/listinfo.cgi/boost

When we talk about the "members of Boost", we are talking about those signed up for this main mailing list.

For those who prefer to participate via an NNTP (newsgroup) interface, a gateway to the Boost mailing list is available at news://news.gmane.org/gmane.comp.lib.boost.devel. Postings to the newsgroup will only be accepted for the mailing list if from a subscribed email address, though you can configure your subscription settings to disable mail delivery if you prefer to read messages via the newsgroup.

For this list's members only, preliminary libraries under discussion are available from the YahooGroups Files section (formerly called the "vault").

Archive for Boost developers list

A searchable mailing list archive has been generously contributed to the ActiveState Programmer Network by ActiveState Corporation.

Boost Users mailing list (also available via newsgroup)

This list is oriented toward casual users of the Boost libraries.  Feel free to post both "newbie" and more challenging questions.  This list is relatively low volume (less than 100 per month).  Subscribe or unsubscribe at the Boost Users list home page.

For those who prefer to participate via an NNTP (newsgroup) interface, a gateway to the Boost mailing list is available at news://news.gmane.org/gmane.comp.lib.boost.user.

Boost Announce mailing list

This is an announce-only list for notification of upcoming software releases and formal reviews of proposed libraries. One to three messages per month.  Subscribe or unsubscribe at the Boost Announce list home page.

Boost Sandbox CVS

In addition to the main Boost CVS repository, a separate Sandbox CVS is available for Boost developers wishing to collaborate on projects prior to formal acceptance of a new library.  It can be accessed via the web, or via CVS client at:


Revised 20 August, 2002